About Me


I am the creator of this blog. I am a quilter, student, future teacher, actress, ballet dancer, and, most importantly, me. 

I grew up with my mom sewing constantly. She enjoys making quilts, but especially clothing. I remember her making me pinafore dresses all through elementary school because I just would not wear anything else. She passed her love of sewing onto me, and I am so happy she did!

After numerous attempts to begin sewing on the machine, I finally got it right when I was around 19. I began by making dresses. Later, at 23 I decided to take up quilting, and I've fallen in love! I enjoy the planning and buying of fabric; the creative aspect I didn't really get in making clothing. I am working on building a stash, sewing more precisely, and taking risks to push myself. Please join me on my journey through this blog!

Sewing Machine:
Brother CS6000

To Do List:
-Finish quilting and binding my first quilt
-Make my dad something
-Make the Have-A-Hoot Pillow from Echinops and Aster
-Finish the top to the Spinning Stars Quilt Along
-Make many pencil cases for peers' holiday gifts

Contact Me:
alierina@hotmail.com  -Feel free to send me an email, but please do not spam me!
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  1. Hi Alie nice to meet you! I'm Carol Marie from Threadbias.

  2. Hi Alie. I did a link today and although I did not do a tutorial I have a link to the tutorial that I used. I wanted to get things rolling for you today. I will work on tutorials for future link ups. Thanks for doing this!