Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Entry 1

Did you know about the Blogger's Quilt Festival!!? It's like a quilt show, but on the internet. There are many categories of quilts you can enter by creating a post on your blog about the quilt you are entering and linking up. I've decided to enter my Pixelated Heart Wall Hanging into the... yup you guessed it.... Wall Hanging Category. Many of you have already seen it (in fact, you might be tired of seeing it!), but here it is in one last post. I'll take you on a picture journey of how it was made!

Inspiration from Blue Elephant Stitches. My mom and I fell in love with it, and I set forth to making her one for Mother's Day, only I decided to make a wall hanging.

I created a sketch and figured out all my "quilter's" math!

Fabric was chosen... sorry for bad quality. Picture was taken at night, and shared via Instagram. Since it was for my mom, I chose a lot of purple and feminine prints. She loves purple!

Fabric was all cut out! 70 colored and 140 low volume neutrals all cut into 2" squares. Shared via Instagram.

Heart layout figured out.

Background layout figured out. Shown via Instagram.

Nine blocks sewn up.

Very last stitches being sewn into the top! I was so excited!

Top completed and backing and binding was chosen.

Basting my quilt sandwich with safety pins.

Grid created using washi tape, and hand quilting began! This really is my favorite part. I love hand quilting! I just quilted in random squares and embroidered what ever came to me.

Bound it using my fold over binding technique.

And completed! I was, and still am, quite proud of how nicely this turned out. I wish I would have gotten better pictures of it, but maybe I'll do that later.

Here it is all wrapped up in a ribbon I had, and tagged with a handmade card. I was crying when I gave it to her... yes, I'm emotional. I had kept it a secret from her for a while (I tell my mom EVERYTHING) and worked so hard on it, I just couldn't keep it in. She loves it and is displaying it in her classroom right now :D

I hope you enjoyed this photo journey on how my pixelated heart wall hanging was created for my mom. If you want to read more about it, click here. Now go write up about a quilt you finished this year and enter it in the Blogger's Quilt Festival! Leave me a comment with a link to your post so I can see your entry!


  1. Gorgeous - love the low volume contrast with the pop of colour in the heart!

  2. Great job - and I love that you went purple instead of pink or red...

  3. This is gorgeous! It might be nice to see the backside, to see what the quilting looks like?

  4. Tuesday's linky sounds fun... they are always fun to look at!!
    Congratulations to Amy!!
    I am so glad your mother loved her heart quilt!!


  5. Very pretty and I really love the purple! You made it all the more special with the hand quilting!

  6. i bet your mom adores that quilt. it is so lovely.

  7. Just discovered your blog today, via Stitched In Color. Wanted to say that I love your heart quilt! Those purples are just right, and it looks like a very special quilt. Thanks for linking back to me, so kind of you...