Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Pinning" for Friday: Have It All Wallet + Websites

"Pinning" For Friday is a weekly segment I will be posting every Thursday. What? Yes. Thursday. It's a pun on "Pining" for Friday. Huh... huh... Get it? I will feature a pin from one of my Pinterest boards and the clicking journey it leads me on!

This journey began a little backwards. I saw this wallet, Have It All Wallet, on Fabric Mutt, then pinned it, then visited the links it led me on. I think it still counts though! I found such great websites from this one, I just had to share! I'll start with my pin, as if I did my journey that way:

Sorry for the blurry-ness!

1) My pin.
2) This led me to Fabric Mutt's post about making this adorable wallet! I found out that it is called the "Have It All Wallet" by Straight Stitch Society.
3) Her post then led me to two different amazing places! a) Straight Stitch Society b) Hey Porkchop
4) Straight Stitch Society has awesome patterns for your cheeky, retro needs. There are a few that I will most likely be buying soon like this wallet and the smartphone case. Also read their manifesto... if you aren't laughing... well then... you probably are't a sew-er! 
5) Hey Porkchop might be my new favorite blog! Amanda features sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery... drool! All things I love, in the colors I love! 
6) Discovered that Amanda is co-owner of the super kawai cross-stitch shop, The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. They have some of the cutest patterns around! 
7) From scrolling through Hey Porkchop, I also found a collection of embroidery books that looks fantastic! They are the Doodle Stitching collection by Aimee Ray.

I hope you enjoyed this journey, and are now inspired to delve deeper into your pins!

Fabric Mutt

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  1. Most of my pins are ones that I find on blogs myself and then I add them to there's not a whole lot of deep diving required, I guess!