Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Binding

I have a confession. I have actually never really binded a quilt properly, which means I have no idea how to work around the corners. "What!?" you say. I know. The few things I've binded have either been round, or I "cheated". By "cheated" I mean I just took the backing fabric, folded and ironed it over the top, then stitched it down. I did this on the Baby Sarah quilt. You really can't tell the difference between my "cheated" way and the proper way. "What!?" you say. I swear! It looks exactly the same except there is no contrasting binding on the back. So now that I've come clean, here is a wonderful binding tutorial from Jeni over at In Color Order.

Last week I made a little mug rug (The tutorial for the block will be either next weeks or the weeks after that for Tutorial Tuesday), and I decided to actually for real, for real bind it. BUT I decided to try it my own way. "What!?" you say. Yes. Sometimes a little engineer comes out in me, and I just try to figure it out with no help. Well I failed. Terribly. I didn't know how to do the corners and my creative way didn't work. See?
Black and White: My failed attempt
Colored stripe: Following the Tutorial

I ended up having to cut out the few corners I did wrong, and I re-improvised the other two corners. So only half of the corners look nice. I didn't go back and re-do the others. "What!?" you say. It's only for me. My mug rug is perfect just as it is. Here are some pics of another mug rug I made for my cousin using Jeni's binding tutorial. My cousin picked out the fabric from my stash. I think she picked out some awesome fabric!

Make sure to pull this fold so that the binding and quilt sandwich are flesh.
Not like my pic!

Finished project! A tutorial on this block will be posted within the next few

Nice Corner!!!

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial Tuesday! Maybe now you can make quilts with beautiful bindings :) I leave you with a pic of my walking foot! It's the first time I've ever used it. *Thanks to Elizabeth for her tutorial on attaching a walking foot!*


  1. I really like your blog! I am a brand new blogger, and so am a newbie at this. (And I am old- 54 ! I just started sewing 3 yrs ago, so you will be so experienced when you are my age!!) In case you didn't choose this on purpose, when I tried to sign up for new posts by email,on the right of your blog, it told me that it is not activated that way. So I couldn't sign up. But I think Google Blog let me be a follower. I am still learning about all of this blog stuff.
    If you want to see my blog, it is www.SusiesSunroom.blogspot.com .
    Have you seen ModaBakeShop.com . You can sign up(Link) for their Show Your Stash blog listing. You will get lots of traffic when they get your name up on the list. You just have to post that blog uhrl address where you sew.
    You are finding good blogs to get tutorials from. I love InColorOrder. I need to find how to list blogs I love, too.
    Your first real binding turned out splendidly! I love mug rugs. They are so fun to give away.
    I have a daughter who is 26, and she knits and crochets. I hope she can sew someday, but she lives in MA. I never had the machine when she was living at home.
    Good luck on your sewing!

    1. Hi Susie!! You really made my day with your comments! Thank you for letting me know about the email subscription. My sister told me it was doing the same thing when she tried to sign up for it too. I made a fake post for her to try it out, and it still worked. I posted something today. Will you let me know if you got an email with the post? If not, I'll delete the subscribe feature and load it again.
      I will most definitely check out your blog! I think us smaller/newer bloggers need to stick together and support each other! I'm curious, how did you happen to come across my blog? I did join the linky party at Moda! I've increased my views so much! I just wish a few more people would follow, but, alas, all in good time.
      Oh I love Jeni over at In Color Order! Her blog is just so perfect! Thank you for your encouraging words about my binding. I'm about to bind a whole quilt today using her way. Wish me luck!
      I learned to sew from my mom, so maybe one day you can teach your daughter as well!
      Have a good day :)