Friday, September 14, 2012

For My Mom

Yup. That says "Mommy". I have and always will call my mom, "Mommy".

Well I don't have internet back yet... thought I did last night, but it turns out it was temporary :/ Thinking about getting an actual internet provider now. I was just using the one provided by my apartment. It's free, but what's the point if it never works! I'm at my mom's using her internet tonight ;)
I decided to hand quilt it in purple. It's her favorite type of quilting and favorite color!
Anyways.... I was able to get a bit of sewing done this week! Yay! I decided that I either put off some homework and whip something up or go insane. I chose the first. I used that scrap of my mom for my mom, along with a few other scraps from that amazing scrap pack. I used Monica's (of The Happy Zombie) traveling quilting bee block as inspiration found here. It turns out she also has a tutorial on how to make the block as well. I kinda missed that and ended up trying to make it. I really am terrible at flying geese I guess. I tried the correct way and just didn't see that there would be a big enough of an overlap so that when I attached it it would maintain a point. I then decided to make the squares into longer rectangles.... well.... it didn't turn out well either hahaha I will be practicing these within the next few weeks :) Here's some close ups!
Please ignore the blue marking pen marks.
When I gave it to her, she almost started crying! She'd been on me a little bit about making stuff for everyone else except for her. So she was shocked to see I'd made her something, and even more shocked that there was a poodle on it, and even more shocked that it was her in the center! I told her I was just waiting for the perfect scrap to finally make her something. I got a kiss hehe You might have noticed the lacking of a certain binding. I ended up putting the embroidery too low to bind it, so I just fray checked the heck out of the edges and outlined quilted it. She's going to frame it, so no reason to be concerned about it falling apart. I hope.
Well I hope you all have been well during my absence! I am writing up a few posts tonight and putting them on a schedule so if my internet is still down, I can at least stay up-to-date on here. I will have a Tutorial Tuesday this week :D Have a good weekend!

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  1. ADORE your block for your mom!! You were spot-on with the fabrics and pattern to feature your center! And it is a lovely "just because I love you" gift to give her.

    (And, by the way, I think you did amazingly well on the little flying geesies!) I think you get pretty much whatever you try, girl!!
    Can't wait to see what you show us next...