Saturday, September 15, 2012

Softly Against Black Mosaics

Rachel of Stitched in Color recently asked readers to create a bundle using fabric from Fresh Modern Fabric. The bundle should be inspired by the above quilt from Anthropologie. She titled the competition "Softly Against Black". Go here and take at look at everyone's wonderful mosaics. You too can enter through September 20th, then voting starts on September 21st. Well... I have created two so far tonight! We are allowed three, but I figured I'd want to make another later. Here they are!
I really just went through Fresh Modern Fabric's selection and grabbed interesting textures with slight pops of color. I really love the Ghastlie Gallery in Neutral. I'm considering buying a yard or so of it. I'm not really a patient person and my creative process is very "go with your first thought." I just clicked and done.
This one is my second entry. It's a bit more colorful, but still rather neutral-ish. I actually really love all of these! I'd be happy to win this bundle :D

I hope all you go check out all of the mosaics here, and even enter yourself! You can win a bundle of your mosaic... which is awesome! But remember to vote even if you aren't entering. There are many, many wonderful entries.

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