Sunday, September 2, 2012


Time for Goodies! I have gotten some great things in the last two weeks so I decided to share them with you all. I am currently trying to build a stash. What I have is really a small amount compared to other quilters out there. The only problem is storing it... oh, and money! But I've started to invest a bit more into it, and I'm excited for you to see!

Okay, so I will start off with my blue stack. I recently joined Jeni of In Color Order's Stash Club. It is hosted by Pink Castle Fabric. Every month is a different color and concentrates mainly on color dominate other than pattern dominate fabrics. You can choose between a half stack (6 fq's) or a full stack (12 fq's). I splurged and got the full! This month the color was on the deeper blue side. I really am happy with these! There is such a variety. Jeni really did a great job with choosing them. I have a button linking to the club on the right side of the screen in case you might want to join as well!

A better look at this months stack.
I also bought a scrap pack! This one is from Sew Me a Song over at Etsy. She specializes in Japanese and contemporary fabrics. I have to say... I couldn't stop giggling when I saw the AMAZING scraps I got! I mean hippos and text fabric and geos and pretties!? Look!

Hippos! And pink!

One of my favorite text scraps in the pack.

Yup. My toes snuck in.

I have to say, I've bought a few other scrap packs and none have been this amazing. I think everyone should  buy a scrap pack every now and again. You get little bits of fabric in designs you may not have bought on your own. I think it really pushes your creative side to try and come up with how to incorporate these into your particular style. I would also suggest buying them from shops that you really love fabric in. When I looked at Sew Me a Song, I wanted to buy all of it! I just couldn't make up my mind. Plus I had never bought Japanese fabric so I was frightened and not sure what to expect. This was a great way for me to be introduced to the fabric.

This was another scrap piece that got thrown into the pack. I'm saving it to make my mom a mini to put up in her sewing room. Actually, this looks like my mom! She sews and wears dresses from vintage vogue patterns, is super pale with dark hair, oh and she has a black poodle that is in love with her. I mean In Love. He doesn't leave her side. She loves poodles, too. Always has. I'm planning on surprising her with this so don't let her see it, please!

Last, but not least, I have bought a few patterns myself to sew up. I actually sewed clothing before I began
quilting. I also took a clothing construction class last semester as an elective. I learned a lot of little things I didn't learn from my mom. I'm planning on making the dress with sleeves (the Simplicity pattern) out of the argyle and pink fabric. It's very pink, but I think it'll look okay. The second pattern is a pants pattern from Burda. I've never made pants or used a Burda pattern so we'll see how it goes!

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!! I'll leave you with a fun picture I took of my scraps :)

**Do you like the bigger pictures, or do you prefer the smaller ones better?**


  1. I am also a big fan of the scrap pack. :) You got some gorgeous pieces!

    P.S. I like big photos personally. More eyecandy! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm finally sewing with some of the scraps now :) Still no internet though. Glad you like the bigger pics!

  2. I love your new stash additions! I am envious of your membership to the Stash Stack Club... Those blues are awesome! And you won the jackpot on those pretty scraps. Too cute about your Mom and Poodle look-alike piece!!

    I like the size you used in this blog.

    1. Hahaha You can join the club too!! I think next month's is green.... I'm finally getting to that mini for my mom. When my internet comes back I'll post some pics :) oh and I'll keep them big!