Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quilt Along

Monkey Do
I have decided to join Katy, aka imagingermonkey, of Monkey Do in her quilt along. We will be quilting Anna Maria Horner's Spinning Stars Quilt. I am excited to get this one going! She actually officially started the quilt along on Wednesday, but like everything, I tend to start off a bit behind due to life. I do have my material though! And I planned it out tonight... on graph paper! I'm not making it as scrappy as Anna Maria Horner did, but it should still come out okay. Are you ready to see the material?!
 This is a blogger bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics. I've had my eye on it for weeks (and yes, I even pinned it onto Pinterest), and when I read about Katy's quilt along plan I knew I had to order it. The only extra I got was the Sinister Swarm in Flour from Anna Maria Horner's Field Study. Which I'm sure you are already familiar with. I was expecting the print to be a bit smaller so now I'm just going to use it as a border so that I keep all those beautiful moths intact. A bit closer below...
One of my favorites from the bunch! Apothecary in Vapor! It's from Tula Pink's collection Nightshade. I really had never seen this fabric before I ran into this bundle. I might have to order some more soon to add to my stash. Actually, I'm tempted to order this whole bundle again to stash it. I'm not typically drawn to orange, but the mix of blue and pink in the bundle keeps my interest in it. Plus the oranges used are just beautiful!
A bit more of them all. I really am excited to get started on this quilt. I might buy a few more FQ's to add a bit more variety. I want the quilt to look put together, but still scrappy. A difficult idea to balance. Can I say I love the randomness of some of the fabrics though? Harry Potter-esque prints, along with alphabet, florals, and geometrics. This should be fun!

I'll leave you with my beloved moths and a link to the quilt along's flickr :D
Sinister Swarm in Flour: Collection- Field Study


  1. I really like this bundle! Have fun with the quilt-along. :)

  2. Those are pretty fabrics to work with! I can't wait to see your quilt!! Wjat size are you making?