Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spinning Stars: All Cut Out

I have done it!!! I have every single piece cut out to make Anna Maria Horner's Spinning Star block for the QAL! I began cutting last Saturday night, and I finished it up last night. Here's a picture of all of my pieces laid out last night: *Sorry that all of the pictures are a bit dark. It's cloudy outside (or at night) so light just isn't good*
Ignore the little scappies in the back. That's my cutting area back there!
I love having all my pieces laid out like this. I would stop sometimes and just stare at what I had cut out. It was so peaceful. It helps me to really get a feel for the fabric. Plus it was a bit mesmerizing when my blinds were "dancing" while I was staring. I have vertical blinds and they are constantly moving from the air flow from my fan. It can be quite pretty but a bit dizzying. On to more pics!
Everything cut out!

Display of the different fabrics I'm using.
I think that every time I began cutting into a new fat quarter, I fell in love. I would think, "This one is my favorite!". Then I'd begin another FQ and think, "This one is my favorite!", and again and again and again... I'm glad I really do like all of these prints. I've finished cutting pieces before and realized I was sick to death of the fabric and no longer liked it. It makes it pretty hard to finish when you just don't love the fabric anymore. Speaking of fabric... a few more pictures for you!

This was my first time using Free Spirit Fabric, and I must say, I am highly impressed with the quality of it. It was just so soft and had a great weight. I didn't want to stop touching it. In fact, I wanted to rub it on my face! (I didn't, but almost.) Field Study and Night Shade are both Free Spirit, and you could definitely tell. 

I will now leave you with a picture of my plan for this quilt. I have changed some details, but you can at least see my calculations. Hope you have a great week!
P.S. Go by and check out the Spinning Stars QAL Flickr page. There are some great blocks and quilts popping up!


  1. They really are Pretty! I hope you are going to keep this quilt for yourself!!!


  2. These look so pretty all laid out! It's an eclectic mix of fabric, but they all pair so well together. :)