Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Quilt Alongs

As some of you know (if you read this blog!) that I have joined a quilt along. I know this isn't necessarily a conventional tutorial, but I believe that QAL's really do help us quilters. I'll throw in a picture of my first completed block from the Spinning Stars QAL I am apart of... that way this post isn't super duper boring!
The first block is complete!!! I'm going to start on the second one soon :D
Okay back to the benefits of QAL's. 
1) They help you to try new blocks and techniques that you might not try on your own. I most likely would not have tried making this quilt by myself. I only began doing it because I saw Katie talking about doing a QAL with it. I decided to take the plunge and try something new that I wasn't exactly super drawn to. I am getting some excellent practice with being more precise with my sewing skills. I'm not very careful with keeping my seams super straight. I've discovered that if I ever want to make blocks that are more advanced and need exact sewing, then I need start paying attention. This block has definitely been an excellent teaching device for this. I must match everything, but it isn't too big of a deal if it is off just a bit. It gives me some leeway to really delve in and learn!

2) You get a chance to directly interact with fellow quilters. Everyone in a QAL is working on the same thing. Information is shared, little tips and tricks are given by those who encounter them along the way, and if you're having trouble someone is always there! Of course this is only with a QAL that has some sort of message board or email ring set up. The Spinning Stars QAL is through a Flickr group so we use the message boards. Pic below! Everyone seems to really like sharing information with each other, which is soooo helpful!
3) You have a sense of community filled with inspiration. Members of the QAL become familiar with each other and what everyone is working on. You get to see so many different ways people interpret a particular block, project, or quilt. Everyone has different fabric tastes and layout ideas, of which all the members are supportive of. They are also so encouraging! Wanting to share what my blocks looks like and getting encourage words really keeps me sewing up my Spinning Stars blocks. Plus looking at the beautiful blocks everyone else is coming up with, inspire me to keep going.
I hope everyone found this helpful and are now going to go join a QAL!! Have a good day :D

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  1. Your first block is really pretty!! I love that pink ring that pops out! I can't wait to see what your other blocks will look like now. I think you picked really great fabrics for this... they will brighten up your wall and make you happy!

    Sewing something in a group is definitely fun and helpful!