Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Pencil Case

A day late for Tutorial Tuesday, but my Internet has decided to spring up for a few minutes so..... This weekend I decided to finally tackle a pencil bag tutorial I'd found months ago. The tutorial is from A Spoon Full of Sugar and can be found here. At first glance, it looks very confusing and hard, but let me reassure you. It's not!!! The pencil bag comes together so easily. If a written direction seems a bit confusing, just look at the picture. They snapped pics at the perfect moment to explain a direction. Honestly, the only hard bit I hit was with the zipper... which is entirely my fault and not the tutorial's! I am horrible at zippers! These are probably the best zippers I've ever put into something. Ever. Really. It's true.
The above is my first pencil case! I had been needing one quite badly. I use many different colored pens when I take notes (I'm a kinesthetic and visual learner so switching colors for different meanings helps me tons!) and lately I couldn't find any of them. I woke up and just made it. The fabric are left to right as follows: light colored linen (from Joann's), orange elephants (from the scrap pack from Sew Me A Song), Sundials in Glow, and Music Room in Black. The inside is Sundae Stripe in Lime. I embroidered on the linen to add some personalization. I used a filling stitch called Square Boss. Currently this one is stuffed with cough and throat drops, allergy meds, and carmex... can you tell I have allergies or possibly a cold right now?
The second one I made was completely on a whim. I had the flower piece already cut out (I was going to use it in the first one instead of the linen), so I decided to go ahead and throw one together. It didn't come out quite as good as the first one. I had more trouble with my zipper, the stripes' seams didn't match up, and the end ribbon frayed. Oh well. I still love it! I also used some scrap from my mom's cheetah material on the inside. I'm falling in love with cheetah print! The other fabrics are as follows from left to right: light colored linen (from Joann's), actually I'm not sure what all of these are from. The aqua one is from my most recent Stash Stack Club stack, I think the next is from a Chez Moi design, and the last is Ruby Dot in Ruby. Embroidary is tiny french knots. Currently stuffed with an assortment of highlighters and pens.
Another pic of them together. I got tired of seeing my wood floor as the background so I used a blue tray I have. Please ignore how dirty it is!!! I also want to thank you all for being patient with me and my posts. Internet is really off an on which means my posts are as well. I hope you all are having a fab week so far! Go check out that tutorial and send me a picture of what you create... I'll post it on here :) I will leave you with a picture of a mashup of french knots I did on the second pencil case.


  1. Nice pencil case!! I'am going to make one!

  2. Oh my, these are cute! They have a bit of attitude, mixed with their cuteness! The embroidery touches are just right, too.
    And, I like the zippers - I think that they give your cases that modern look.

    I will have to add this to my "list of neat projects to do" !