Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Finds: Lida Enche & Splendor 1920

Picture from Hawthorne Threads Weekly Newsletter.
I have decided to create an installment I'm calling "Friday Finds". Every Friday I will share with you some great finds that I've come across through out the week. With school, my theatre schedule, and ballet rehearsal schedule, my sewing has slowed considerably. I won't be able to do a Tuesday Tutorial every single Tuesday mainly because I do not want to post tutorials I haven't tried myself. It will most likely become an "Every Other Tuesday Tutorial" haha

Okay so onto the fun stuff! Pictured above is a fabric line by Lida Enche called Painted Summer. I saw this on Hawthorne Threads facebook page and then again on the weekly newsletter. I. Have. Fallen. In. Love. It is just way too pretty! I also love the painting quality the fabric has. Please check out Lida Enche's blog post talking about her fabric. She has some great photos.

From Art Gallery Fabrics Splendor 1920
Okay my next find is from Jeni of In Color Order. She showed a pile of fabric that I went gah gah over! It turns out the pile is a collection called Splendor 1920 by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics found here. It will be out in November... I'm going to start saving! Go by Jeni's blog post and look at the picture to get the full on effect. Below is the swatches from Art Gallery Fabric. I'm still in love!
Picture from Art Gallery Fabrics Splendor 1920


  1. ooooooo ahhhhh these are all so beautiful!
    You are going to make my fabric expenses go WAY up with all of your wonderful finds!! haha

    I am glad you added the' follow by email' button. I like to get my favorite blogs' new posts that way!I just signed up for them!

    Have a good week!

  2. So sweet - thanks for spotlighting my fabric collection!
    Peace and happiness to you -