Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet Contrary Entry One

Rachel, over at Stitched In Color, is having a mosaic contest! We are supposed to create fabric collections that contrast warm and cool colors of spring, using the fabric over at Lark Cottons. Here is her post entitled "Sweet Contrary". I love this challenge idea! I'm a big fan of jewel tones so I was just as inspired as she was! Now to resist buying my mosaic...

 Here is the list of fabrics in my mosaic (numbered left to right):
1. 2wenty-Thr3e - Star Petal
2. Prints Collection - Line Dance White
3. Papillon - Polka-Stripe Red
4. Nicey Jane - Hop Dot Cream
5. Ladies Stitching Club - Garden Flowers Garden
6. Modern Whimsy - Ducks Park
7. Ta-Dot - Teal
8. Architextures - Ledger Multi
9. Good Life - Medallions Garden
10. Wrenly - Wildfield Cherry
11. Salt Water - Octo Garden Aqua
12. Noteworthy - Birds on a Wire Kisses

Did any of you enter the contest?


  1. These are really pretty. I can't look too hard.... i just put in a huge order at yesterday.... haha


  2. I enjoyed both of your mosaic, Alie, but this one is my favorite!