Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Pinning" for Friday: Kaleidoscope Quilt

"Pinning" For Friday is a weekly segment I will be posting every Thursday. What? Yes. Thursday. It's a pun on "Pining" for Friday. Huh... huh... Get it? I will feature a pin from one of my Pinterest boards and the clicking journey it leads me on!

This Thursday I'm featuring my Kaleidoscope quilt pin from Berlin Quilter. On this journey I discovered some great tutorials... one of which I was just talking about making to my mom on Saturday! Here's my journey:

These pictures used do not belong to me, but belong to:
Pinterest, Flickr, Berlin Quilter, and Red Pepper Quilts.

1) My pin.
2) berlinquilter's Flickr displaying the lovely finished quilt. I then went to her profile page, and discovered she has a quilting blog called...
3) Berlin Quilter. She has lovely fabric choices. My favorite pictures were of a gorgeously fun rocking chair she re-upholstered in giant pink and yellow HST's!
4) I then clicked on a button on the right side of her blog that took me to Red Pepper Quilts. This blog is filled with awesome colors and great tutorials! I may or may not have pinned a few things from here...
5) My favorite tutorials I found on Red Pepper Quilts are...
6) the Butterfly Block Tutorial. I was just talking about making a few pillows of these for my cousin and sister. Glad to have found this tutorial!
7) the Binding Tutorial. She zig-zags the raw edges of the binding together to keep it from moving and bunching... what a great idea! I'll have to try this on my next binding.

I enjoyed my journey, and I hope you did too! Maybe you'll go explore your pins now and discover some great new resources like I did. That reminds me... did you enter the Sew Me A Song Giveaway yet!? It ends tomorrow, Friday, May 17th at 11:59 pm.

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  1. So fun to track your journey from one place to the next! It's been a long week - I didn't even notice that it's not Friday yet! lol

  2. I bookmarked the Butterfly Block for future use!

    This is a fun feature... "Punning for Friday " groan :)


  3. Another nice blog to follow - thanks for the links and the inspiration.
    Happy weekend,