Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Retro Pot Holder (Folded Stars)

It's Tutorial Tuesday!! Woohoo! For today's I will be featuring the Retro Pot Holder Tutorial found at Going Sew Crazy. This tutorial is a little sentimental to me for various reasons. First, it was one of my very first pins that I pinned to Pinterest. Second, it was one of the first things I had ever sewn that wasn't clothing or a quilt.   Third, I took pictures of every step because I knew that one day I'd want to have a sewing blog! After a little over a year, I'm finally getting to it! In fact, you can see my first quilt in the background of the above picture... maybe one day I'll share it with y'all... when it's done!

Because it was one the first "things" I ever made, I followed the instructions pretty much to a T (tee??). The only thing I changed was that I liked being able to see the fold on my points so I had those face up and not down. Oh and I'm pretty sure I just used a large glass I had to trace circles onto my fabric, so I have no idea what size they are. Here's my pictures!

And there you have it! My picture steps are complete. I quilted it in the creases of the folds. A little embarrassing story... I didn't know about a quilting foot and was so annoyed that my machine couldn't do it with the normal foot on that I just took the foot completely off and sewed it that way! My fabric was going all over the place, but I persevered! Luckily, now I know about a lot things I didn't know about back then ;)

Below is another pot holder I made for my dear friend (who is expecting a baby girl soon! Guess who's making a baby quilt?!), and one that I found in an antique store.

The one I made for Ren along with a little doodle.

The one I found at the antique store.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the Tutorial Tuesday! This project is rather quick and easy, so what are you waiting for!? Go make one!


  1. I've had my eye on the folded star for a while. Yours are just adorable! Thanks for reminding me how much I like them.

  2. Thanks for showing us how the folded stars are layed out! Those are neat.
    I giggled when you said you sewed without a foot, to get 'er done! You have learned a lot since then!


  3. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla