Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CHAOS CONTROL: Not Your Usual Post...

...I hope you don't mind a hording small confession I have. I am extremely messy. I have a ton of clothes. I need to make a change. Why in the world am I posting this on Alie Makes?? Well... I am a creative type. Many of us creative types also end up creating chaos. This chaos begins to keep us from creating. Thus, I am inhibiting myself from creating for Alie Makes due to my created chaos. I also consider decorating a type of creating, so, eventually, these "Chaos Control" posts will become about making and creating for the creative home. Anyone keeping tally of how many times you've read "chaos" and "create/ed/ing" in this post!!? It'll keep coming!

On to the goals:


I will focus on the 'How' of each of these goals as they come. Organize and Clean will most likely work hand in hand. There will probably be many projects going on at the same time actually. Purge will be my first post in my Chaos Control posts after this confessional one.

1) CONFESS Now... the damage... confessional unedited pictures. Brace yourselves for the chaos and the need for control:

I have such high hopes for my bedroom. I've started getting some key furniture pieces together (mainly from IKEA). Some of these pieces have been put together. Others have been taken out of the box... can you spy it? Can you also spy my biggest problem? It's strewn all over my floor and bins. CLOTHES! I will talk all about it in Purge. Why did I willingly put photos of my chaos online for everyone to see and judge? Well, it puts things into perspective for me. I'm viewing my chaos as a viewer and not as a doer. It looks more like reality in pictures and not just as something I've gotten used to walking around and dealing with. I recommend you at least take pictures to really view your chaos. Plus, I will have some very rewarding before and after pictures for when my chaos is controlled.

Some helpful inspiration for Chaos Control:
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My Pinterest Board: Favorite Places and Spaces   <<Check out your own pinterest boards for inspiration on beautiful homes that you can aspire to!

Would you like to join in my Chaos Control? Create your own blog post about your needs, goals, confessional pictures, and inspiration to get your chaos under control. Link up below so we can encourage and support one another! I know I'll need it....


  1. I know the feeling with the Ikea furniture. Getting it from the Box to Product stage is a pain. Good luck with your organizing!

    1. haha right!? I don't mind putting furniture together, but it takes so much time! So far I've done most of my laundry and began cleaning. Spring break is coming up which means more cleaning and organizing... yay! Thank you for the luck