Monday, January 19, 2015

Loooong Time, No See

Warning: This post is text heavy with very few pictures.

Well, it has been forever since I've blogged on here. Life life basically got in the way of my creative life. I've since graduated from college, received my degree and teaching certificate, got my first job, moved, and have successfully completed my first semester of being a full fledged teacher. All riiiight! It's been scary and wonderful all at the same time!

Now that things are finally starting to settle, my hands are itching to create again. I've crocheted a few motifs over the last year or two, but nothing worth noting. I feel like I lost a big part of myself by not creating. In. Any. Way. I tend to create in phases. Sometimes I draw, other times I write, I'll get into baking, start playing with yarn and embroidery floss, working in my amazing planners, or constructing with fabric. I haven't done of any of the above in way too long (except for my planners which I'll post about later!) I need to find and soothe my creative side again.

Teaching is an extremely stressful and never-ending job. I'm always questioning myself about if I'm good enough and if I'm helping my kids to grow. Could I have done that differently? Should I have been more sympathetic/empathetic? Was that the right thing to say to that student/parent? Am I going to get 10 emails about my choice? When is my principal coming in to watch? While these are stressful and never-ending, the job is quite rewarding (at least 3/5 days a week haha) and I love teaching and my students. BUT I've realized that I need to take time for myself and begin creating again.

Handstitched Class

To get back in touch with my sewing side, I've decided to take Rachel's (of Stitched In Color) Handstitched Online Class. I absolutely LOVE handwork and I snatched up the chance to slowly get back into sewing. But seriously.... I LOVE HANDWORK! Many years ago, **sidebar story begins  here** I took a sewing class at my university. I already knew how to sew, but I wanted to tighten up some of my skills. We had to hand sew our hems and I was in heaven! I learned a few different hand sewing stitches which I loved. For my final project, I created a beautiful complex little sundress with a zipper. Zippers are the bane of my existence. When my professor returned the dress she was beaming and told me how wonderful it was but that my zipper was atrocious. She then suggested I hand sew my zippers since I enjoy hand sewing so much. I should take her advice! **sidebar story ends here** Anyways, I'm extremely excited to learn even more about handstitching and how I can apply to quilting. We will be learning about applique (which I know very little about... it's almost embarrassing), English paper piecing, and various stitches. Plus there is very little pressure which I need right now.

The fabrics for the Modern Medallion Quilt we will be making in the class! So in love with these springy colors. I need to order a few more prints because I mostly have scraps of the ones I have featured on my focal point fabric. It was hard picking out fabric... something I've never really experienced before. It got my blood pumping though, and I can't wait to start!

What does this all mean for you? Alie Makes will come out of its hibernation and you can follow me down my journey to begin creating again. If you haven't created anything in while, please start! It's now or never! Kind of. Let's get out of our creative slumps and rediscover our love of making again!


  1. Happy to have you back!
    Esther, who teaches art.

    1. Thank you! I'm quite happy to be back as well :) I just need a nice sunny day to take some good pictures of my current projects!

  2. Congratulations on your job!! I know you are an awesome and creative teacher, Alie!
    This is a great idea... to take the online class to get you back into a project, and get those creative juices flowing in a "fabric way!"
    Can't wait to see your handstiched Modern Medallion Quilt !

    1. Hi Susie! Thank you!! Today was a rougher day at work, so I'm going to be handstitching up a storm haha I'm already having a lot of fun with the class and have learned some new techniques. Pictures coming soon :)
      Thank you for your wonderful support!