Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sugar Pop: DONE

I have officially finished my Sugar Pop quilt! Okay, it's more of a baby blanket. I have fallen in love with it though. I might even make another one for me to keep. I bet everyone says that about every single one of their quilts or creations that was made to be given away. Honestly, I put soooo much work into this! Much more than what I had planned on doing. I learned so much... mostly about what NOT to do. For instance, this was my first machine quilted quilt, (I generally just hand quilt), and I figured out too late that I need to baste my quilt sandwich much better. I just used safety pins. Spread them out way too much! Another thing is to pick out thread that blends in a bit better. I picked a variegated purple thread. 1) It doesn't look very variegated 2) It is a bit too contrasting. Contrasting looks best when hand quilted, in my opinion. I also did my cheated way of binding. I liked the backing fabric more than what I got to bind with, so, alas, I cheated. All in all, I am very pleased with this little quilt! Okay, I'm ecstatic! I just love it! Now for a picture overload:
From above. I quilting along the sashing.


Up close of the quilting.

Yes. It's over my legs. I couldn't resist using it!

And now I leave you with a very, very close up of the quilting. This is a good section. I felt like I was drunk driving while machine quilting. Everything would be fine and straight, I'd look of for a second, come back, and I'd be swerving all over the place. I'm sure it'll get better with more practice. Right?!
Please don't look too closely!


  1. I love your Sugar Pop!! It is so vibrant and fun!! The recipient is going to adore it, too! It has a lot of personality, just like its creator!!
    Did you make a little label for the back? ( You can hand sew it on....)
    Well done!!

    1. Thank you Susie! Oh a label, I hadn't thought about it... well, now I know what I'm making tomorrow hehe Thanks for the tip! Hope you have a good night :)

  2. My quilting is often a little wonky too. :) I think that it does take a lot of practice to get really smooth quilting, but a little wonkiness is also just inherent in straight line quilting and makes it all the better. Your quilt is gorgeous!

    P.S. I am feeling better. :) Thanks for your netflix suggestions too!
    P.S.S. Do you happen to have an e-mail address that you could link to your profile? I love reading your comments and would love to write you back.

    1. Thank you Jenelle! Glad to hear that wonky just comes with the territory of straight line quilting, and that you are feeling better :) Netflix really is amazing. It saves my life every day... sorta lol
      I updated my profile so my email shows now! I meant to do that sooner so thank you for reminding me. I really do love your blog, and appreciate you paying attention to us readers!