Monday, April 22, 2013


New header!

So I said it'd be two weeks before the blog would be back up, but I changed my mind. I got too excited and planned some awesome posts and new segments! I even made a new and improved layout and changed the name. Alie Makes. I think it fits me better. Not just a quilter, but a person who likes to create. The blog is still sewing heavy. I will be changing the URL to the site soon to so maybe go ahead and update your favorites it you want. If you follow through blogger and bloglovin then you should be fine.

I'm going to alternate Tutorial Tuesday and another surprise segment every other week. I don't always have time to make things from tutorials, so it being bi-weekly gives me more of a chance to fit it into my schedule. The surprise new segment will talk about fabric stashes! Fun, right!? Along with one other that will be up on Thursday.

Speaking of tutorials... are there any that you all would like to see up here? Any that you really want me to try? One that you're afraid to try, but would like to see someone else's attempt first? Leave me a comment linking to the URL or shoot me an email (on my "About Me" page). I'd love to try it!

Thanks to my readers for supporting me before, and for supporting me now! Hi, to my new readers!

And now a sneak peak on a tutorial that will be up next week:

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