Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pixelated Heart: Nine Blocks

Once upon a time, a nerdy girl came across a picture of a pixelated heart quilt on Flickr. She fell in love with it, and decided to take on the challenge of making one herself. She battled the Seams of Exactness and the Sea of Hand-Quilting to finally be at peace with her very own pixelated heart mini-quilt. Though she was nerdy, she was not selfish, for she made this quilt for her mother to cherish. And cherish it, her mother did for ever and ever.

Lame. I know, but it's cute, right!? The picture I saw was on Flickr was made by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches. Her's is just breathtaking! I was so inspired by it. I also showed my mom who loved it too. This whole time I've been making it, she thought it was for me. Hah! Little did she know it's all for her! Just in time for Mother's Day. She hasn't seen it, but I've talked to her about it. For example: Me- "I'm making that pixelated heart quilt we saw. Should I make it into a throw or like a wall hanging size?" Mom- "Definitely wall hanging size."  Sneaky, sneaky! I can't wait to finish and give it to her.

Jolene's gorgeous pixelated heart divided into 9 blocks.

While I pretty much just looked at the picture, counted squares, and drew it up, I also looked at Jolene's post about it. Boy, am I glad I did!! She mentioned dividing it into nine different blocks. If I hadn't read that, I would have been sewing row after row. Here are my nine blocks completed!

I haven't had time to completely finish it quite yet, but hopefully you see the direction I'm headed in. I plan on finishing the top and starting the quilting this week. Have to work on a project and study for a final that's tomorrow night, or I'd sew now! I have to say though, during these stressful school times, sewing certainly calms my nerves...

Any tops you're planning on finishing soon?


  1. This is going to be sooo pretty! I never would've thought it was formed in the 9 blocks... how clever.
    You picked such pretty fabrics.... can't wait to see it when it is done!


  2. I like this! I'd even like it with skinny borders between your 9 blocks. Great fabric choices...